Pickle Making Technician

The E-learning Pickle making technician course encompasses National Occupational Standards under NSQF Qualification Pack, NCVET (National Council for Vocational Education and Training) approved framework to upskill learner and build key competencies in pickle making

Instructor: FICSILanguage: English

About the course

The self-paced 9-module pickle-making technician course aims to equip learners with skills and expertise needed to excel in the pickle-making industry. ‘Pickling’ is an age-old preservation technique that not only extends the shelf life of vegetables but also enhances their flavour, making them a popular and versatile food product. 

Through a detailed and structured course, learners would be able to gain a deep understanding of the science behind pickling, including the role of acidity, salt, and fermentation in preserving and flavouring vegetables. Participants would be able to select the best-quality vegetables, herbs, spices, and other ingredients for various types of pickles. Learners would be able to emphasize the importance of maintaining high standards of sanitation and food safety to prevent contamination ensure product quality and gain familiarity with essential equipment and tools used in pickle making. 

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Master manual and machine-based fruit and vegetable preparation for pickling.
  • Plan, organize, prioritize, inspect, and calculate production requirements and maintain process parameters to achieve the desired quality and quantity.
  • Follow and maintain food safety and hygiene in the work environment. 


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